An educator who is passionate about working with and inspiring students and adults to reach their highest potential, and venture forward in meaningful and impactful ways that benefit humanity. 


Teacher &Administrator

As an educator, Rosanna is holistic, forward thinking, and sees herself as an agent for positive change. Her personal background and different professional roles give her perspective, enabling her to work collaboratively and effectively across departments, and increasing her understanding of organizational structure and dynamics. Her strengths come from the range and depth of her experiences, her interpersonal skills, and passion. She can inspire, and tap into the best and noblest parts, of students, faculty, staff, and administrators, leveraging excellent results. She is motivated by the belief that education can transform the lives of individuals, a personal commitment to service, and a powerful desire to promote equity and justice in our schools and in society. 


Dean of Equity &


Rosanna's career has been guided by her commitment to social justice and the belief that working with students throughout their formative years is a great privilege and responsibility because we have the opportunity to shape the hearts and minds of tomorrow's leaders. Teaching and modeling for students how to connect with their empathy and humanity does not compromise the learning process, it only enhances it. Schools can be places where students can develop the skills and social consciousness necessary to navigate a diverse world, become engaged citizens and change agents.