An educator who is passionate about working with and inspiring students and adults to reach their highest potential, and find meaningful and impactful ways to benefit humanity. 


Educational Consultant

Rosanna M. Salcedo is an educator, DEI practitioner, and educational consultant who has served educational institutions for over 20 years.

She currently serves as the Dean of Equity and Inclusion and on the senior leadership team at the Cambridge School of Weston (MA). 


Over a 20 year career, Rosanna has served in leadership roles as a teacher, Associate Dean of Faculty, senior DEI practitioner, executive coach and as an advisor to Heads of School, Deans, Directors, and Boards of Trustees on issues of organizational development, school leadership, and institutional diversity, equity and inclusion. Her commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, student success, and organizational change is rooted in her lived experience as a teacher, learner, and school leader. 



DEI Practitioner

Rosanna's career has been guided by her commitment to social justice and the belief that working with students throughout their formative years is a great privilege and responsibility. Educators have the opportunity to shape the hearts and minds of tomorrow's leaders. By teaching and modeling for students how to connect with their empathy and humanity, schools can be places where students can develop the skills and social consciousness necessary to navigate a diverse world and become informed and engaged citizens. 

Some topics she has experience with and has presented on include:

  • Creating and Implementing Equity Literacy Curricula

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices

  • Meeting the Needs of First Generation Students and Students of Color in Predominantly White Institutions

  • Teaching Social-Emotional Learning Skills: Necessary Building Blocks for Equity Literacy and Cultural Competency

  • Service Learning Pedagogy for Teaching DEI and Social Justice

  • Strategic Approaches to Advancing the Work of Equity and Inclusion in Institutions