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Educational Consulting

An educator who is passionate about working with and inspiring students and adults to reach their highest potential, and find meaningful and impactful ways to benefit humanity. 


Consulting Practice

Rosanna M. Salcedo is a consultant committed to helping leaders develop an equity and inclusion lens through which to approach their work and make strategic decisions that advance DEI goals in their organizations.

After receiving her bachelor's degree in Psychology from Amherst College, she attended the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She taught in the NYC public school system for several years and then transitioned to independent schools, where she has served for over twenty years. She is currently the Dean of Equity and Inclusion at the Cambridge School of Weston, in Weston (MA).


Throughout her career, Rosanna has served in leadership roles as Dean of Equity & Inclusion, Associate Dean of Faculty, and advisor to Heads of School, Deans, Directors, and Boards of Trustees on issues of organizational development, school leadership, and institutional diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Her commitment to DEI, student success, and organizational change is rooted in her lived experience as a teacher, learner, and school leader. She is currently on the team at Integrated Strategy Consulting (ISC).



"From the outset, Rosanna was thoughtful in the way she approached working with our Board. She presented the information in a way that provided scaffolding, working toward the more difficult and complex conversations. This allowed directors to build trust and be better prepared to openly discuss challenging topics. Additionally, she wove in personal experiences as a first generation Latina woman, bringing a first person reality to conceptual discussions. We would love to find a way to work with her again and highly recommend her to others."

Bantam Cinema and Arts Center, client

"Working with Rosanna was fantastic. She was thoughtful, open minded, very knowledgeable, patient, understanding and willing to answer any questions that we had throughout the process. I truly appreciated the overall experience and look forward to working with her again in the future."

Non-profit client

"Rosanna led our sessions from a place of kindness and understanding. Some members of our group were wary and skeptical about DEI education, and expected to feel "blamed" or "shamed." Rosanna's steady and gentle approach assured even the least aware among us to be open and accepting of the material. Thank you!"

Non-profit client

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