An entrepreneur who offers informed, compassionate insight, and authentic human connection.

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Inspirational Speaker

Rosanna enjoys crafting talks and presentations for schools and other organizations around the themes of: kindness, empathy, vulnerability, resilience and other values necessary to build strong communities that are equitable and inclusive. She will spend time getting to know your community’s needs and create an impactful message that speaks to a diverse audience.

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"Rosanna is a remarkable storyteller whose stories linger with you long after she exits the stage. One of her gifts as a teller is rather than search for the epic story, she finds singular events from her life that feel universal at first, regardless of one's background, but then unfold to reveal important truths about the unique experiences of immigrants and other marginalized communities. With her stories, I find I reflect more deeply afterwards and routinely ask myself, 'how can I be a better person and ally to my neighbors?"

Cheryl Hamilton, Co-Founder, Tell & Act,

"Our Opening of School Convocation was a wonderful success thanks to our keynote speaker, Rosanna Maria Salcedo. Her motivating and inspiring words breathed life into our virtual community meeting. Rosanna’s melodic and soothing approach captivated our community, and her message challenged us to be better citizens and caretakers in an uncertain world and time. I cannot think of a better person to have delivered the message of hope, resilience, and the promise of a better tomorrow."

David Ruiz, Dean of Student Life, Hebron Academy


Educational Consultant

Rosanna’s years of experience in a wide range of administrative roles in educational institutions makes her an excellent thought partner and consultant in helping schools become more equitable and inclusive communities. She is particularly interested in working with schools to develop intentional, developmental curricula that teach social-emotional and equity literacy skills to students and adults. Ask Rosanna about the 4-year developmental, co-curriculum: Promoting Awareness and Community Engagement, which she helped to design, and directs at the Cambridge School of Weston.

Some topics she has experience with and has presented on include:

  • Inclusion and Belonging

  • Developing Equity Literacy

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices

  • Meeting the Needs of First Generation Students and Students of Color in Predominantly White Institutions

  • Teaching Social-Emotional Learning Skills: Necessary Building Blocks for Equity Literacy and Cultural Competency

  • Strategic Approaches to Advancing the Work of Equity and Inclusion in Institutions

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Retreat Facilitator

Throughout her life, Rosanna has been committed to doing the work of self-exploration in pursuit of personal growth and wellness. She has also been dedicated to helping others in their own developmental journeys. In 2021 Rosanna will launch 3-day facilitated, personal development retreats on Cape Cod, for people who are female identifying and want to reflect on and integrate their experiences and personal journeys as a way of approaching greater mental, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing.

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